Brent Anthony was born August 5, 1982 to Barbara, his 19-year-old mother.

He was an unplanned pregnancy but a welcome delight when he arrived. He weighed in at 8lbs 8 oz's, and was 21 1/2 inches long. He was perfect in every way. Thankfully, Barb, as she liked to be called, had the support of her family. Her sister, Lynn, was her labor coach. She went with Barb to Lamaze classes, and participated in the birth every step of the way.

Brent's first year of life was spent living with his mother at her parents' home. A bond was formed with his grandparents during that first year that would carry on throughout Brent's entire life. His grandparents meant the world to him, and they felt the same way about him.

As his mother, I'm compelled to share the story of his life and struggles. I also wanted to share of the love our family has for one another, and the love that Our Mighty God has shown us during t his time. If it had not been for God's love and guidance, I do not believe any of us would have survived.

Author, Barb Smith